AMIS Technique - Hip Arthroplasty

An innovative surgical technique called AMIS (anterior minimal invasive surgery) is a forward step in the already successful area of hip arthroplasty.

The technique started in France 10 years ago and is currently performed in renowned orthopaedic institutions across Europe, U.S.A. and Australia. According the data given on May 2011 at the International Symposium on Total Hip and Total Knee replacement in Switzerland, the number of surgeries globally, has reached 50,000.

HIP ARTHROPLASTY - Σύγκριση Κλασική with AMIS 01 HIP ARTHROPLASTY - Σύγκριση Κλασική with AMIS 03

The technique is being performed in Greece since 2005 by the orthopaedic surgeon Athanasios Tsoutsanis MD PhD. AMIS involves a small incision on the skin, but what is most important, is the fact that it involves no muscle damage without any cutting or unsticking of muscle tissue. Contrary to any other technique, AMIS involves a simple shifting of the muscle with the use of specialized tools, leaving even the articular pocket intact.

Resulting in:

As in every surgical field, a great effort is made to have the desired result with minimal damage to healthy tissue.